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We offer topsoil in bulk as well as black and brown mulch. Bulk material is for sale by the yard. You can pick it up with a full-sized pickup truck or we can deliver! We carry bagged topsoil, peat and compost as well. 

Fertilizing your plants is something that is far too often overlooked; we recmmend the Espoma line-up of organic fertilizers!


The quality of your potting soil matters. It's not just 'dirt' as so many people call it. Potting soil is actually a soil-less growing medium composed of peat, sand, perilite and sometimes some sort of fertilizer. This combination allows for good aeration, drainage and optimum root growth. Fortunately for you, all you need to know is that Grande's offers some of the best potting soils available. You'll have a green thumb before you know it!